Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cumulus Mountain

Rob and I needed to climb a mountain, so we picked Cumulus Mountain. So, on 6/20/09 we cranked our way to the summit and back in 6 hours and 50 minutes. As with any backcountry Alaskan adventure, the weather plays a crucial factor in success or failure. Rob and I relied exclusively on precision orienteering skills to reach Bombardment Pass. Without our trusted map and compass, I am sure we would have walked in circles or never made it out of Ram Valley. Just as we approached Bombardment Pass, God must have decided he watched our stumbling long enough--the thick fog lifted and visibility was increased to almost 100%. Climbing mountains is definitely "easier" when you can see!

Bombardment Pass.

On route to Cumulus Mountain.

Cumulus Mountain.

I always like taking pictures of my shoes and gear while chilling by a quintessential view.

Rob on the summit of Cumulus Mountain.

Miniature summit register pencil.

Summit register.

Cumulus pose.

Ram Valley looking back towards Cumulus.

Mount Alyeska and Max's Mountain

The day after I ran Mt. Marathon, my wife, three kids, and I decided to hike around Girdwood. After a three hour hike to reach the top of the tram at the Alyeska Ski Resort, I said goodbye to my family and set out to climb Mount Alyeska and Max's Mountain. They rode the tram down to the parking lot and I ran the ridges up to higher altitude. The first picture in this collection is a view from the summit of Mount Alyeska.

Max's Mountain.

The summit of Max's Mountain.

Turnagain Arm.

Four Mile Creek Ridge

On 6/27/09 a small band of intrepid explorers set out to run a nifty ridge that wraps around Four Mile Creek. This horseshoe shaped ridge contains several peaks, including Mount Eklutna, 4009, 5505, 4826, and 4524. Jesse, Leslie, and I completed the full ridge run/climb in 8 hours 15 minutes. It was a great day to explore! The first picture in this collection is on route to Eklutna Peak.

You can see the horseshoe ridge we plan to run.

The crew on the summit of Eklutna Peak.

The summit of 4009.

The view from the summit of 5505.

Jesse on the summit of 5505.

The summit of 4826.

As you can tell, I love climbing mountains.

Descending into Peters Creek Valley.

Harp, Eagle River Overlook, 5764, & 4659

Another adventure beckoned. Saturday, August 1, 2009, Jesse and I set our sites on climbing as many peaks as we could in the South Fork Eagle River area. The clouds moved in and out, at times obscuring our vision, but in the end we bagged Harp Mountain, Eagle River Overlook, 5764, and 4659 in approximately 7 hours. The first picture in this collection is me on the summit of Harp Mountain.

Jesse contemplating our route.

Jason on summit of Eagle River Overlook.

Flute Glacier.

Jason on summit of 5764.

Route to 5764.

Jesse on summit of 4659.

Jason on summit of 4659.