Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cumulus Mountain

Rob and I needed to climb a mountain, so we picked Cumulus Mountain. So, on 6/20/09 we cranked our way to the summit and back in 6 hours and 50 minutes. As with any backcountry Alaskan adventure, the weather plays a crucial factor in success or failure. Rob and I relied exclusively on precision orienteering skills to reach Bombardment Pass. Without our trusted map and compass, I am sure we would have walked in circles or never made it out of Ram Valley. Just as we approached Bombardment Pass, God must have decided he watched our stumbling long enough--the thick fog lifted and visibility was increased to almost 100%. Climbing mountains is definitely "easier" when you can see!

Bombardment Pass.

On route to Cumulus Mountain.

Cumulus Mountain.

I always like taking pictures of my shoes and gear while chilling by a quintessential view.

Rob on the summit of Cumulus Mountain.

Miniature summit register pencil.

Summit register.

Cumulus pose.

Ram Valley looking back towards Cumulus.