Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Denali National Park: Mount Margaret

My family and I spent two brilliant days camping in Denali National Park. The Fall colors, 70 degree weather, cloudless skies, heavenly sunlight, full moon, uninterrupted panoramic views, and the total presence of The Mountain converged on a near perfection adventure. The first picture in this collection is taken from my truck window on Friday, September 4 in Cantwell, Alaska, approximately 20 miles from Denali National Park.

Fall colors in Denali National Park.

On Saturday, September, 5 my wife and kids decided to take a 6 hour bus ride into the park and I set my sights on a solo backcountry adventure to climb Mount Margaret. The route commenced by running up Savage River.

I picked my way up this valley and onto the ridge.

3,000 feet later I was standing on top of Primrose Ridge.

Mount Margaret (5,059 ft.) can be seen way off in the distance. I thoroughly enjoyed the run along Primrose Ridge to the summit.

I ran into a Ewe (female sheep) and her lamb. They were very friendly and didn't seem concerned with me at all. I just kept walking closer and closer thinking that at some point they would either run or mama would charge me. Luckily, they were intent on eating and basking in the Alaskan sunlight. I didn't mind because I got several quintessential photos of the sheep with Mt. McKinley as the backdrop. Wow!

The long and winding road through Denali National Park...not to mention an awesome view of The Mountain as seen from the summit of Mount Margaret.

We camped near Riley Creek.