Saturday, September 26, 2009

Little O'Malley Peak

Todd called me this morning and inquired into my interest for a run. Our goal was to get outside, philosophize about life, converse, gain some altitude, and enjoy a short easy run (of course, keeping our eyes open for opportunities to spice the route up a bit). We tossed around a few options, and finally settled on Little O'Malley Peak. The beauty of living in Anchorage is that you can gain access to the backcountry without having to drive for hours. The total outing was only 1.5 hours, but complex enough to satisfy the spirit. The first picture in this collection is taken from the saddle between False Peak and Little O'Malley Peak. Last week's termination dust quickly evolved into winter-like conditions.

At this point my breathing is arduous and lungs feel like they are going to explode. I am hanging on for dear life. Just kidding... It is always fun to create a pose that depicts strife and danger.

Near the summit of Little O'Malley Peak.

Todd cranking up the ridge with South Fork Campbell Creek as the backdrop.

The city of Anchorage as seen from the ridge. Fall colors remind us that it still is the Fall season!

I am affirmed of the grandeur of the mountains by barely discerning Todd within the contour of the ridge. Being in the mountains tends to put life's "difficulties" into perspective.

Todd and I spice up our route by heading down a short, but funky ridge.

Todd is inspecting the landscape to determine a line that would take us through the brush with the least amount of frustration. A few years ago we had a backcountry adventure that hailed "The Trees" by Rush as our theme song...