Sunday, September 20, 2009

North Suicide Peak

On a whim Sunday afternoon I decided to climb North Suicide Peak. The weather was marginal, but I jumped at any chance to climb one of the Chugach State Park 5000 ft. peaks. What I like about North Suicide is that it is relatively easy. To me this means I only have to drive for 20-minutes to the trail head, run 9.0 miles round trip, I don't have to negotiate significant exposure, and I can experience a bit of sensation seeking all in under 4 hours. The first picture in this collection is a view of the Suicide Peaks, with North Suicide being on the left. All pictures were taken with my cell phone because my digital camera said, "Change Battery Pack" just as I went to click my first picture. Thank goodness for cell phones!

This picture was taken somewhere in Hausers Gully. You can see Rabbit Lake.

The infamous Hausers Gully that runs along the right edge of Windy Gap. It is fairly steep with loose scree that makes climbing somewhat laborious and frustrating. However, the rocks on the side of the chute provide adequate handholds and footing.

During February of 2007, my friend Todd Kasteler and I ascended Hausers Gully with crampons, ice-ax, and helmet. We eventually reached the summit of South Suicide Peak.

Todd snapped a photo of me just prior to entering Hausers Gully.

North Suicide Peak as seen from Hausers Gully.

North Suicide Peak as seen from Windy Gap.

Looking down half of Hausers Gully.

A view from the top of North Suicide.

You can see Turnagain Arm in the distance.

My friend Rob DeVelice snapped this photo of me on the summit of North Suicide Peak in 2005.

I am holding the summit register for North Suicide Peak.

The wind was blowing and it was snowing at the summit! The clouds moved in and out, so I didn't stay long on the summit. I wanted to find my way down and locate Hausers Gully before my vision got obscured by clouds. Oh, the joys of climbing in Alaska!