Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nest Peak

Another adventure beckoned. My friend Todd was in town so we decided to climb something new, snowy, long, and moderately difficult. Mountain therapy. After contemplating several new Alaskan adventures, we finally decided on Nest Peak. Although only 5,030 feet, this peak starts at sea level and requires sustained effort, perseverance, route finding, and backcountry skills. Todd and I completed the route in 6 hours. Not bad considering we had heavy packs, 12 miles, snow conditions, wind, rocky ridge lines, alder brush, snow flurries, and ice. After leaving ATV trails, the real route commenced. Our plan was to head straight up to the ridge, and hopefully, follow it to the summit of Nest Peak. The first picture is taken at the base of the gully that eventually deposited us on a wonderful spine leading to the ridge-line.

Nest Peak as seen from the ridge-line entry point. This was a glorius site!

Looking back at the ridge-line Todd and I just negotiated. Very fun!

Strong wind and summit mode., I am standing on the summit of Nest Peak.

Todd scoping out the terrain from Nest Peak. Although the clouds obscured the view, we were able to put a few more mountains on our "to do" list.

Nest Peak as seen from an alternative angle.

Cold and windy conditions, but utterly enjoyable!

The paradox of feeling depleted but fulfilled. The power of mountain therapy.