Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bird Ridge

Adventure beckoned. While not of epic proportions, cranking up Bird Ridge is an excellent way to revitalize the soul. Due to a weather inversion, heavy fog has blanketed Anchorage for 5 straight days. I resided to the fact that my run was probably going to be foggy. However, my luck changed at about 1,000 feet. I busted out of fog and into clear blue skies and bright sun! It felt like a strange and magical world. My eyes begged for polarized lenses, so I quickly donned my sunglasses to avoid further whining. The first picture in this collection is one of my favorite views. From Point 3505, you can see Indianhouse Mountain, South Suicide Peak, North Suicide Peak, and Homicide Peak. What a cast of characters! Later in this post you will meet a few other characters: Avalanche Peak, Nest Peak, Bird Peak, and Penguin Peak.

Another character: Avalanche Peak!

More characters: Nest Peak and Bird Peak!

Another character: Penguin Peak!

You can see the heavy blanket of fog still covering Anchorage. I would rather be here than there!