Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wolverine Peak

Adventure, with a gadget, beckoned. The main objective of my run up and down Wolverine Peak was to experiment with my GPS receiver that my wonderful wife got me for Christmas. My previous navigation consisted of standard orienteering with a map and compass. I can already see the many advantages to using a GPS, with of course, a map and compass in my pack as a backup in case the GPS failed. One can never be too prepared in the Alaskan Backcountry. Standing on the summit of Wolverine Peak I chuckled to myself because my gear today consisted of a Suunto altimeter watch, a GPS receiver, an iPhone, trekking poles, water, and food. The only thing I was missing was my laptop computer to download my route and heart rate monitor! I suppose I could have checked my iPhone to see what restaurants were near the summit, but I couldn't get a proper signal on the 3G network, so I just ate a Clif Bar. Gagets! Maybe one day the Star Trek crew can simply beam me up to the summit from my home. Okay, enough with gadgets, time to look at pictures. The first picture in this collection is taken from the summit of Wolverine Peak.

The views from Wolverine are great. Here you can see Tikishla Peak.

This angle presents a view of Middle Fork Campbell Creek Valley.

Anchorage! I really love living in this great city.

As usual, the wind was blowing quite strong. Wind tends to make for brief stays at the summit.

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