Saturday, July 31, 2010

Matanuska Peak Challenge

Adventure Beckoned: The Matanuska Peak Challenge. This race is 14 miles round-trip with 9,100' vertical gain. The race includes a bonus summit of Matanuska Peak, clocking in at 6,119'. There are no aid stations available and mandatory gear is required: Windbreaker/long underwear tops/bottoms, hat, gloves, and H20 bottle. The race cranks up Lazy Mountain, down Lazy Mountain, up Matanuska Peak, down Matanuska Peak, up Lazy Mountain, and back down Lazy Mountain to the finish line. The race is difficult and the views are amazing. The pictures in this collection were taken by Todd Kasteler: Friend, ultra marathon runner, ski mountaineer, and civil engineer.

Matanuska Peak as seen from the summit of Lazy Mountain.

Mat Peak is a long distance away! Lots of terrain to cover!

Todd Kasteler enjoying life on the summit of Matanuska Peak.

I'm exhausted and need some GU to resurrect my energy. Although, it does feel GREAT to be on the summit of Matanuska Peak again!

John Collins, a fellow adventurer, takes a moment from his duties as race checker to congratulate me on making it to the summit--which is only the half way point of the race!

From left to right: Me, John Collins, and Todd Kasteler.

Depleted, but almost finished. The only segment left is the descent from Lazy Mountain.

Although I didn't set any course records today, I did have fun. Todd says that I came in first place in the Hlasny Division. Cool!

Finish line! Thanks Todd!