Sunday, August 15, 2010

South Fork Eagle River Ridge

Adventure beckoned. Today my adventure took me to South Fork Eagle River to run a fantastic ridge. My family picked berries and I crossed three more mountains off my list: 4219, 4603, and 4656. Despite wind and looming rain clouds, I managed to experience an outing with no rain. Yesterday, Anchorage set a weather record with 28 straight days of rain! I don't think it has rained yet, but the day isn't over. God blessed me today with dry weather and views. I was able to clearly see Eagle Peak, Cantata Peak, Triangle Peak, Hurdygurdy Mountain, Temptation Peak, and Calliope to name only a few. A great day to be a mountain runner in Alaska!

Looming storm clouds over Anchorage...

Left to Right: Eagle Peak, Cantata Peak, and Calliope.

South Fork Eagle River.

Heaven is peeking through the clouds.

Triangle Peak is the brown triangle in the middle of the picture.

Another photo of South Fork Eagle River.

I'm not sure who this guy is. He does look familiar though.

Another Spiritual Wilderness Adventure. Thank you!

"I will even make a way in the wilderness." Isaiah 43:19