Sunday, September 18, 2011

Magpie Peak

Adventure beckoned. Magpie Peak, 5812'. Redemption. Perseverance. Committed. Purposeful. Relentless. Driven to the summit!

The summit of Magpie Peak. 5812 feet.


Raggedtop Mountain as seen from Magpie Peak.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mount Gordon Lyon

Adventure beckoned. I climbed Mount Gordon Lyon and found a pretty woman at the summit! Perfect day.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Crow Glacier Exploration

Adventure beckoned. Promising weather equals backcountry exploration. Looking at my map, I decided to explore the Crow Glacier area of Crow Pass. I was also keen to scope out, and possibly climb, Magpie Peak. The terrain and views were fabulous. Tundra and I made it up Crow Glacier and to almost 5,100 feet before aborting the summit attempt of Magpie. Crampons and ice ax would have made the final 700-800 feet more enjoyable and safe. Tundra and I cruised down the mountain and eventually decided to traverse across the glacier to access the upper ridge leading to Magpie. However, once on the ridge, the summit was well in the distance and required slow movements along a tenuous ridge. With my time dwindling away, I figured it was best to head back down the mountain and get home. Despite no summit, we experienced neat country and new places. Not a bad way to spend a beautiful September afternoon in Alaska!  

Crow Glacier.

Raggedtop Mountain as seen from a high ridgeline near Magpie.

This is our turnaround point. You can see the steepness in combination with snow. I wish I had an ax and crampons!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sugar Loaf Mountain

Adventure beckoned. My family and I headed to Denali National Park for our annual camping trip. On Sunday they elected an eight hour bus ride into the park and I elected to disappear into the backcountry tapestry. After a survey of the map, I was keen to climb Sugar Loaf Mountain. The weather was mildly positive: 37 degrees, no rain, no clouds, and high winds. Tundra, God, and I began the journey at 8:15 a.m. from an obscure social trail located in a parking lot behind a hotel just outside the park boundaries. Within 20-minutes we left behind any resemblance of a trail. The hills now belonged to a band of sheep, a dog, God, and a mountain runner. Liberation.

After 1 hour of cranking up a ridgeline, we made it to the top of a lookout point. Tundra was excited because she thought it was the summit. However, the objective of Sugar Loaf Mountain was significantly farther to the North. We quickly ate some food and headed further into the hills. The first picture is Tundra high on a ridgeline with Sugar Loaf Mountain in the distance.

Sugar Loaf Mountain. The mountain appears to be shrinking as we get closer.

Summit! The views and sensations were splendid. I love the rush of emotions when standing on a summit. No pictures or blog can accurately describe the experience of climbing mountains.

The elite band of Dall sheep running up the side of a ridge. Cool!

The final ridge before dropping into the trees and back down to civilization.