Monday, June 11, 2012

Swift's Adventure

Adventure beckoned. Swift, Tundra, and I had about 3 hours this afternoon to play in the mountains. We decided to crank up Ptarmigan Pass and onto a nifty ridge. Swift did a great job being off-leash! He had fun running, climbing, chasing birds, rock hopping, scree and snow sliding, and relishing the Anchorage backcountry views. Swift stayed close by my side the entire route. Occasionally he would venture out ahead with Tundra, but he always looked back and waited. On the steep snow and rock sections, I led the route and Swift followed. What a good dog!

As I write this blog update, two dogs followed me into the office. They are laying down by me and sleeping. I'm pretty sure I have two Alaskan Husky running partners!