Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Ramp

Adventure beckoned. I wanted one last long day of adventure before heading out on the 31st for The on a rainy and cloudy Saturday, I forced myself  to gear up for a long day. It is hard to leave the house with a poor forecast and thoughts of a lonely slow trudge! I set my sights on The Ramp knowing that would give me plenty of miles and a doable summit attempt. The rain eventually turned to snow, but the conditions maintained enough to summit.  Although it was a long chilly day, I predict this is what I'll need to endure on my next adventure. Until then, take care!

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Adventure beckoned. Today I rambled up Falls Creek with a 60 lb. pack with one goal in mind: An 8-9 hour adventure. Anybody who has ever carried a heavy pack, knows how unbelievably slow and difficult it is to travel uphill. I long for the day when I can simply go light and move quickly, unburdened by gear. With weather and conditions on my side, I made it to about 4,300 feet before deciding to abort the South Suicide Peak attempt--just plain ran out of time! Thank you God for a safe and enjoyable day in the mountains!